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    Consumers are being reminded to get advice on debt management and ruthlessly analyse their household budget to identify where savings can be made.

    As figures reveal that more than a quarter of Brits have taken on more debt in the past year, moneysupermarket.com urges people not to gloss over their financial situation.

    Head of loans and debt Tim Moss commented: "For those who have seen significant increases in their indebtedness over the last year, I would strongly encourage them to go through their household budget ruthlessly, line by line, and identify where outgoings can be cut."

    Anyone in difficulty with their debt management must contact their lenders and a financial advisor, he continued.

    Research from the website shows that more than half of the UK adult population carries an average non-mortgage debt of £6,956 and more than one in ten people believe debt will always be a part of their life.

    "Problems are easier to tackle when addressed early; those in their twenties and thirties should get into the habit of addressing their finances now to avoid financial difficulties later in life," Mr Moss added.

    Money Advice Trust has also recently highlighted the need to get debt management advice sooner rather than later, pointing out that considering the pros and con of all options is vital.

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