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    With many UK car-owners struggling to meet the costs of rising fuel prices, swiftcover has offered advice on how to reduce motoring expenditure.

    Among its recommendations is to avoid sharp accelerating and braking, which are said to increase fuel consumption by as much as 30 per cent.

    Lightening the load and watching average speeds are also identified as ways of making motors go further for less.

    The firm reports that speeds of 55 to 65 miles per hour deliver greatest fuel efficiency.

    Hybrid cars are also said to be a smart move for those looking to make a saving, with congestion charge exemptions making them particularly useful for those living in London.

    Swiftcover explains that hybrids commonly use two power sources: electric motors and a petrol-driven engine.

    "The motor powers the car at low speeds, and the petrol engine kicks in when more power is needed," the group comments.

    Increased costs of running a vehicle may compound problems for those who are looking to reduce debt.

    A recent report by the Financial Times has suggested that a growing number of middle-income households are experiencing debt trouble and are turning to individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) to get finances back on track.

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