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    Struggling British consumers have been urged to prepare themselves for what could potentially be a difficult period financially.

    Cheshire Building Society expects to see an economic downturn and has encouraged people at risk of financial hardship to take steps to protect their assets and interests.

    With millions of Britons facing serious debt problems, the building society has advised consumers to familiarise themselves with organisations that can offer help and advice on financial issues.

    One of the most prominent groups of this kind is Citizens Advice, which operates a charity and helps thousands of people with their money problems every month.

    "You may not be able to safeguard your job but you can take steps to protect your mortgage payments and other outgoings," said Karen Torson, partnerships business manager at the Cheshire Building Society.

    In January, the accountancy firm Grant Thornton predicted that around 10,000 UK consumers would enter insolvency each month of this year.

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