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    It is important for students to take their debts seriously, it has been emphasised.

    Director of Credit Action Chris Tapp said the government often portrays the message that a student loan is not really a problem for graduates.

    "People don’t understand the difference between a student loan and things like overdrafts, credit cards and those kinds of debts," he suggested.

    Mr Tapp believes 18 year-olds should become more independent when it comes to their finances and should avoid debt management issues wherever possible.

    Students are often given a loan without it being fully explained, he claimed, which is another area of improvement he believes should be developed.

    A recent study from Push.co.uk found that students who started at university last year can expect to owe nearly £21,200 by the time they leave and new students should expect at least £2,000 more than this figure.

    The national average projected debt on graduation stands at £15,812 but, at six universities, the figure has already broken the £25,000 mark.

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