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    Students may be faced with increased debt management problems which arise from their student loans when they come to graduate, it has been suggested.

    Research from uSwitch.com shows that some are being stung by unauthorised overdraft rates, which now average 20.54 per cent and could rise as high as 29.99 per cent for others.

    "Amidst the excitement of setting off for university for the first time, finances may not be at the forefront of many students’ minds," commented Louise Bond, personal finance expert at uSwitch.com.

    She stressed that with the economic outlook still seeming uncertain, students need to look to their debt management skills in order to help themselves out after their studies have finished.

    Graduates often expect debt to be a milestone they reach, although the financial blow can be reduced by making sound decisions, she added.

    The National Union of Students in Scotland recently found that 70 per cent of students are working more than the recommended ten hours a week in order to fund their university education.

    Furthermore, it was revealed that 52 per cent had used commercial lenders to pay for their education.

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