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    An increasing number of students are being forced to work while at university to fund their studies, a survey has found.

    Research from Halifax shows 73 per cent of students have resorted to term-time work, up from the 66 per cent seen in 2008.

    "It’s more important than ever that students make every penny count. This includes sensible budgeting and keeping the cost of debt to a minimum," commented Mike Regnier, current account director for the Halifax.

    Students are also concerned that the economic climate may restrict the amount of money made available by their parents, the study found, with those in their final year of study the most likely to take on a job.

    Students who started at university last year can expect to owe nearly £21,200 by the time they leave, Push.co.uk recently estimated.

    It also suggested that student debt has topped £5,000 for each year of study for the first time, marking an increase of 10.6 per cent year-on-year.

    The UK average projected debt on graduation stands at £15,812, but at six universities, the figure has already exceeded £25,000, the website stated.

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