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    People in the UK are likely to find they cannot easily get hold of credit, reveals one expert.

    They need to be aware that there are problems with the economy at the moment, says David Kuo, head of personal finance at fool.co.uk, with the system also having its faults.

    "When you are talking about the huge amounts of money that are being pumped into the high street banks, and nothing is coming out, then I think people should sit up and take note," he continues.

    Looking at personal finances is one way of ensuring problems are tackled, Mr Kuo reveals, which may include taking advice from a debt management company.

    People simply cannot afford to keep racking up debt, which should encourage people to live below their means, Mr Kuo adds.

    According to figures published by payment association Apacs last month, plastic cards accounted for 66 per cent of all UK retail spending in 2008.

    Furthermore, it discovered that spending on credit cards increased by two per cent to £126.2 billion last year.

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