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The beleaguered Northern Rock bank has been accused of refusing to help customers who are struggling with debt, it has been reported.

Liverpool solicitor Ron Hutcheon is defending two debtors in court against actions brought by the bank and believes the case could change the way banks treat struggling customers, the Guardian reports.

The bank rejected offers of individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) from the two defendants, who remain anonymous, and took court action against them.

Mr Hutcheon said neither of the debtors had been offered help or advice and so had turned to an insolvency practitioner.

"The resulting IVAs in both cases appear on paper to be a good proposal as an alternative to bankruptcy," he told the newspaper.

However, one spokesperson for a debt solution company said Northern Rock was the "bully on the block", reports the Guardian.

Public confidence in the lender was shaken recently as it emerged it had applied to the Bank of England for a liquidity support facility.

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