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    Consumer confidence is low and Britons are increasingly concerned over their ability to meet bills and to repay their debts, it has been claimed.

    According to financial report firm Credit Expert, almost one in ten people are concerned they will be unable to manage their money.

    Furthermore, an increasing number of people who rent have resigned themselves to being unable to ever buy their own home.

    Darryl Bowman, director of Credit Expert, commented that as consumer confidence fell considerably during the recent economic slump, it is not surprising that people believe they cannot afford to buy a house.

    Consumers must make sure their "credit report is in the best possible shape is crucial to allow you to be judged fairly by lenders and to be able to extend the amount you can responsibly borrow – particularly in the current credit cautious climate," he urged.

    However, for some debtors such comments about responsible borrowing come too late as the repayments caused by years of easy credit are now squeezing their household income.

    One option for those who are concerned that they cannot meet their debt obligations is an individual voluntary arrangement, usually called an IVA, which allows debtors to repay an affordable amount for a fixed period.

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