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    An expert has called upon consumers to "take charge" of their credit and avoid a downward spiral of debt.

    Credit agency Callcredit has published research which suggests people are increasingly relying upon credit rather than savings, the BBC reports.

    Mark Ward, head of consumer services at the agency, told the broadcaster there is an increasing "buy now, pay later" attitude.

    "It’s very easy to run up those bills and think ‘oh well I’ll just get another credit card’ and eventually you end up in a very damaging downward spiral," he warned.

    For many borrowers, their level of indebtedness is already beyond their management and bankruptcy looks likely.

    However, the government created legislation to help debtors avoid bankruptcy and which can allow them to write off borrowing they cannot afford to repay.

    Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) can allow struggling debtors to retain important assets such as their home and to make repayments at a level they can afford.

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