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    Debt levels in Britain have reached such worrying extremes that now the Church of England is stepping in to provide advice and guidance.

    The campaign has been dubbed A Matter of Life and Debt, and urges Britons to undertake a post-Christmas debt check list to see if they are at risk of problem debt.

    Its list includes situations such as applying for a higher credit limit and being rejected and feeling anxious and stressed over money.

    However, John Preston, national stewardship and resources officer, added: "Whatever desperate straits someone is in, though, the truth is, there is always a way to escape bad debt, the kind of debt experienced when borrowing gets out of control."

    One option for struggling debtors who wish to avoid bankruptcy is an individual voluntary arrangement, more commonly known as an IVA.

    Such court-approved agreements allow an affordable monthly sum to be repaid to creditors for a set period of time, after which any remaining debt is written off.

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