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    Those struggling with their partner’s debt should be wary of continuing to use joint bank accounts, a publication has warned.

    A woman married to a man with problem debts wrote to the Guardian newspaper, highlighting her fears that her husband will borrow against the house without telling her.

    The situation is causing both her and her children a considerable amount of stress, she reported.

    In response, the newspaper reassured the concerned woman that her husband cannot borrow against the house without a signed agreement from her.

    Despite this, it warned there is still a danger in holding joint accounts or credit cards.

    "Your husband could run up big debts and leave you with the bill. So break off any joint accounts as a matter of urgency," the Guardian urged.

    Several organisations have published survey results which show debt levels contribute to stress not just for the borrower but for the whole household.

    Debtors who are concerned their borrowing levels are putting their family’s wellbeing at risk could consider an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA).

    Unlike bankruptcy, an IVA allows the borrower to keep important belongings such as their family home.

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