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    The rising cost of energy has forced many more British households into fuel poverty, an expert body has warned.

    According to the National Consumer Council, the number of homes experiencing such poverty has risen from two million to four million over the last four years.

    "Those numbers … will soar further on the back of the latest wave of price increases, putting the government’s target of ending fuel poverty among vulnerable households in jeopardy," the council argued.

    For many debtors, the rising cost of fuel and food has placed additional strain on their finances, causing some to be concerned about meeting their borrowing obligations.

    One possible option for those with increasingly unmanageable debt is an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), which allows borrowers to make repayments at a level which enables them to meet household bills and living costs.

    IVAs let people to become debt free, usually within a period of five years, with any outstanding borrowing being written off at the end of that period.

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