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    The British Bankers Association (BBA) has announced new standards to be followed by banks and the companies providing individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

    Chief executive of the BBA Angela Knight said debtors and creditors need to have confidence that when an IVA has been suggested, it genuinely is the most appropriate solution.

    The new standards will be in place by February and call for greater transparency, advice and clarity within the insolvency industry.

    Ms Knight said that her organisation, the Insolvency Service and participating insolvency advisers "are united in support for this agreement, which should provide customers with the reassurances they need in order to make the right choice for their financial futures".

    Research conducted earlier this year by price comparison website moneysupermarket.com found more than half of Britons say they would consider an IVA if they were struggling with serious debt.

    However, its survey also showed 49 per cent of the population are not entirely clear on what an IVA is.

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