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    Parents should make savings so their children do not have to subsidise them in their old age, an expert has commented.

    Grant Hughes, director of investment advice firm Charlwood Leigh, has said people must make savings for their future and arrange a pension.

    "Parents should be saving so that their children aren’t left to pay for them and their children should be taught to do the same thing," he said.

    However, for some people making savings is not possible as they are struggling to keep up repayments on their borrowing.

    Those keen to escape debt and begin a more positive financial future could consider an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) as a route out of debt.

    IVAs are intended to be an alternative to bankruptcy and allow the borrower to become debt free within a set period of time, often five years.

    They are agreed in court and can allow unaffordable debt to be written off, with tax breaks given to the company to compensate for any losses.

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