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    Those experiencing stress because of money and debt should take control of their finances, an expert has said.

    Finance portal Fairinvestment.co.uk has warned that some Britons are experiencing ill health as a result of their money worries.

    It highlighted figures from YouGov which show more than eight million people are experiencing serious debt, with 2.1 million struggling to make repayments.

    Two million people admit they do not know the full extent of their indebtedness, Fairinvestment.co.uk added.

    James Caldwell, director of the website, said: "Debt is a real issue for many people in this country, causing stress, anxiety and even depression."

    He urged debtors to be honest about their situation and to regain control of their finances.

    The government advises there are several possible routes out of debt, including budgeting, informal agreements with creditors, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and consolidation.

    An IVA can be offered as an alternative to bankruptcy and allows borrowers to become debt-free within a set period, usually five years.

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