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    Families in Warwickshire are being "hounded" by creditors as they struggle to make repayments on their debt, it has been reported.

    Distressed and vulnerable people are being chased by creditors using heavy-handed tactics such as repeated phone calls late at night, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

    The Warwickshire Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) told the newspaper many creditors were ignoring guidelines on debt collection.

    David Gooding, spokesperson for CAB, said vulnerable people who were struggling to make ends meet were being harassed for payments.

    "We have evidence which shows that creditors and their debt collection agencies are ignoring the principles which underpin the Office of Fair Trading’s guidance on debt collection," he said.

    Those debtors who are struggling to make repayments and find being chased by creditors distressing could consider applying for an individual voluntary arrangement.

    Once it has been agreed, lenders can no longer chase borrowers and must accept the repayments detailed by the court.

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