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    The UK is heading for a crisis as levels of personal debt far exceed those of other European countries, it has been reported.

    Britain is responsible for one third of all unsecured debt in Western Europe, states Nouse, the University of York’s newspaper.

    Despite this, individuals should not see bad debt as inevitable and can take control of their finances and get debt under control, it continues.

    "Its good to be impulsive in life but extending that philosophy to your spending is a sure fire way to wind up with crippling debts. Try to get out of the ‘buy now pay later’ mentality," urges Nouse.

    However, for those who feel trapped in debt, government advice urges them to seek help sooner rather than later.

    It encourages debtors to seek to increase their incomes by ensuring they are receiving all their entitlements and to reduce spending with the help of a budget.

    For cases where outside help is needed, an individual voluntary arrangement could be a useful tool in helping borrowers become debt free without having to cope with letters or visits from their creditors.

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