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    Millions of British consumers are making financial cut backs in response to the rising cost of living, it has been revealed.

    Research carried out by Alliance & Leicester has found that a majority of people around the country are taking steps to ease their money problems and to protect themselves during the ongoing economic downturn.

    Among the most popular courses of action for those looking to improve their financial position has been to find a new credit card provider and a more competitive borrowing deal.

    In addition, around seven per cent of the consumers polled said they have consolidated their credit card arrears through a personal loan in an effort to resolve their debt management problems.

    "Taking advantage of the best financial deals on the market is always important, but more so in the current environment," said Emma Walkley from Alliance & Leicester.

    Meanwhile, a report from MoneyExpert.com recently revealed that fewer people in the UK have been switching their financial service providers in recent months than was the case last year.

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