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    Consolidation can be a good idea for debtors seeking to combine their commitments, an expert has suggested.

    Jo Roberts, a director of financial service Needanadviser.com, remarked that if someone can find a better deal by consolidating then it can be a sensible move for them.

    However, she warned such borrowers to be careful to read the small print of their agreements as they should be aware of the terms and conditions.

    "Most companies can demand repayment if certain things happen. Be aware of when the company can ask for their money back and when you might be refused additional credit," Ms Roberts urged.

    Furthermore, following the effects of the credit crunch on the global markets, it is a good idea to build up a positive credit history, she added.

    Recently, financial advice website Unbiased.co.uk revealed that as a nation, it takes 70 days of paid work just to service the interest payments required on the combined loans and credit card debt.

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