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    The cost of personal loans has risen so far this year, despite cuts in the base rate, it has been reported.

    Analysis conducted by MoneyExpert.com has shown that average rates on unsecured personal loans have risen to 11.4 per cent, from 10.62 per cent.

    Sean Gardner, spokesman for MoneyExpert.com, commented that many Britons use such loans to consolidate their debt but that banks were wary of their ability to repay such sums.

    However, he urged would-be consolidators to continue hunting for deals on loans, adding that there are competitive deals for people with good credit histories.

    "Those in muddier waters can still borrow but may have to pay more than they would have done even three months ago," Mr Gardner warned.

    Last month, research released by MoneyExpert.com revealed that as many as 6.5 million people have consolidated their debt over the last three years as they attempt to regain control of their borrowing.

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