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    Credit card lenders operating in the UK have been turning the screw on applicants for borrowing arrangements in recent months, it has been claimed.

    Figures from MoneyExpert suggest that some 3.24 million British consumers have been turned down for a credit card deal over the course of the past six months.

    An increasing number of people are finding it difficult to manage their debt problems and in an effort to avoid any kind of risk British companies are becoming increasingly harsh in their credit card lending criteria.

    Close to 18,000 UK consumers are now thought to have their credit applications refused each day and almost seven per cent of all adults have experienced this kind of rejection in the past half-year.

    "Given the turmoil in the mortgage markets the options are running out for people with problem debts," said Sean Gardner from MoneyExpert.

    "They need to take control of their borrowing and crucially to reduce their debts."

    Last week, Beccy Boden-Wilks, a debt adviser and spokesperson for National Debtline, suggested that credit card debt is becoming more and more difficult to clear for consumers in the UK.

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