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    Responding to a recent study, Norwich Building Society has urged people not to keep cash at home.

    According to the firm, one in ten feel more comfortable keeping cash in their home than placing it in the hands of a bank.

    However, Steve Urwin, senior marketing executive at the firm, said that as well as the likelihood of money being stolen from the home, people could see the value of their finances decrease as it fails to earn interest.

    For people who keep substantial sums of money at home, being burgled may put considerable strain on their finances, making bill payments and debt reduction more difficult.

    "The biggest risk to savers is that cash on its own does not earn any interest. Therefore, the effects of inflation will erode the relative value of cash over a period of time," said Mr Urwin.

    Reports from the firm suggest that people are becoming increasingly cautious with their savings than they were 12 months ago.

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