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    Britons are increasingly worried about their debt levels, savings rates and job security, a new poll has revealed.

    A survey conducted by YouGov and reported through the Daily Telegraph has found that almost a third of the 2,000 Britons questioned admit the amount of money they owe is now higher than one year previously.

    Furthermore, two out of five of the respondents report that their levels of savings have diminished and just one in five claims their savings have grown.

    Recent research conducted by MoneyExpert.com showed that as many as 6.5 million people were forced to consolidate their debts during the last three years in an attempt to keep control of their borrowing.

    Sean Gardner, chief executive of the site, warned consumers who are juggling commitments to credit cards, store cards and loans to take action now in order to get such outstanding commitments under control.

    He noted that consolidation can lead to "significant savings".

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