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    Small businesses around the UK are losing faith that the current government will act in a manner that promotes their interests.

    Many small firms are facing serious money problems and almost 96 per cent now feel to some extent "dissatisfied" with policy makers in London, according to a recent poll by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

    In response to its own findings, the FSB has suggested that its members feel that their money problems and operating difficulties are not being taken seriously enough by the state.

    "All we see is government consulting big business, with small businesses being left out of the loop," said John Wright, the FSB’s national chairman.

    "But small businesses produce over half of UK gross domestic product (GDP) and it is important that their needs are addressed if we are to get through the current economic difficulties."

    In August of last year, the accountancy firm Grant Thornton revealed that for the first time the UK’s consumer debt mountain had become larger in scale than its annual GDP.

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