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    Smartphone usage is on the increase. That’s nothing new. There are more than 13 million of us in the UK walking around with the feature packed phones that easily enable us to check our emails, keep up to date with our social networks and browse the web on the move.

    Perhaps the biggest selling point of iPhones in particular is the massive choice of apps available for download from Apple’s official app store. There are games, calculators, social networking apps, blogging platforms, camera enhancements, image editors and a host of novelty apps to name just a few of the many types available.

    As you might expect, there are also plenty of apps to help you manage your money. So if you’re an iPhone user, here are three we think are pretty fantastic.

    UK Salary Calculator

    iPhone UK Salary Calculator app

    A hugely underrated element of effective money management is knowing what money you have to manage. Many of us know our salaries clearly, but what are you actually left with in real terms after tax, National Insurance and other deductions?  UK Salary Calculator is designed to make that clear to you.

    This is particularly useful if you are awarded a salary increase in order that you can be 100% sure what it will really equate to in terms of money in the bank.

    UK Salary Calculator is a free to download app.

    Available for download here.

    Spending Log

    iPhone Spending Log app

    At 69p, we think this one is a great value app. Spending Log allows you to record your income and your outgoings and keep a really close and clear idea on your spending over the course of a month.

    It really is incredibly useful to be able to see this information immediately, wherever you are.

    Available for download here.


    iPhone vouchercloud app

    Once you’re clear on your income and outgoings, surely the next step is how to make savings! We all love a good bargain and Vouchercloud, a free app, makes it easier for your to find and take advantage of them.

    It’s a great app that uses your current location to show you great deals and discounts closest to you – making your money go further!

    Available for download here.

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