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    Many of the millions of homeowners would be happy to enter into a long-term fixed-rate mortgage deal, according to a recent study.

    Figures from the Fair Investment Company indicate that around 37 per cent of Britons would be willing to fix their repayment rate for 25 years and for many people the incentive would be avoiding money problems and the prospect of repossession.

    In addition to those who would commit to a 25-year mortgage deal, around 28 per cent of homeowners would be glad to agree a medium-term fixed-rate mortgage arrangement, the recently compiled figures suggest.

    "A long term deal can provide people more security by reducing the risk involved with having a mortgage, which is particularly important for families with low incomes and for first time buyers," said James Caldwell, director at Fair Investment.

    Last week, MoneyExpert.com reported that money problems are forcing millions of British families to cut back on their everyday expenses.

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