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    The house price boom witnessed in the UK during most of the past decade was a disaster for the health of the economy as a whole, according to one expert.

    Paul Holmes, chief executive of the first-time buyer solutions company Firstrung, insists that only a particular sector of the population benefited from the property boom, while millions of people have been left with serious debt management and money problems

    "Middle England" saw the value of its assets increase dramatically in recent years but a generation of would-be first-time buyers have been left with a serious struggle to get a foot on the property ladder, Mr Holmes maintains.

    "For first time buyers it was not good news that property prices were going up, it was a bloody disaster," he said.

    "The quicker society wakes up to the fact…then all the better."

    A recent study by personal finance firm Fool.co.uk showed that mortgage-related debt problems among young British homeowners have left almost one in four worried about the prospect of negative equity.

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