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    A couple have spoken of their distress when their "dream home" was repossessed because of their debt.

    Mark and Diane Bouncer told the Express and Star that they had generated more than £140,000 worth of debt as they struggled to repay their mortgage.

    They described their "stress and trauma" as they left their home.

    "All the years of struggling and, thinking back, trying to buy the house in the first place was all for nothing," Mr Bouncer told the local news resource.

    Late last year, charity Citizens Advice warned that subprime mortgage lending has driven the increase in mortgage arrears and court actions.

    It accused "irresponsible lenders" of encouraging low-income earners into unaffordable debt which lead to financial issues and homelessness.

    Struggling debtors may want to consider an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) if they find they cannot afford to service their debt and their mortgage.

    IVAs allow borrowers to retain important assets such as their homes.

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