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    Debtors in Shropshire owe £20 billion as a result of borrowing on loans, credit cards and for housing, it has been claimed.

    The Citizens Advice Bureau Shropshire has warned an increase in debt is leading to an increase in homelessness, the Shropshire Star reports.

    Liz Warren, service director for CAB Shropshire, said her organisation is negotiating with landlords and mortgage providers where it can to prevent homelessness.

    "Debt can cause serious problems for people and affect every aspect of their lives," she warned.

    The government advises that there are many routes out of debt for those struggling with their finances and urges borrowers to take action sooner rather than later.

    It highlights options such as informal agreements, individual voluntary arrangements, debt consolidation and seeking the help of a debt management company.

    Bankruptcy is a "serious matter" and can mean debtors lose possessions such as their home, however, not all debtors become bankrupt and there are other solutions, the government’s debt advice page explains.

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