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    The rate at which repossession cases are being brought to courts across the country is soaring, it has been claimed.

    According to members of the Transact network, courts in various regions of the UK have seen a dramatic increase in the number of repossession hearings since the start of this year as more and more families struggle to deal with their money problems.

    Nazma Latif, coordinator of the Sheffield Law Centre’s Duty Scheme, has indicated that there was a 100 per cent rise in repossession cases brought to court during the first three months of this year.

    "The court used to hold a session devoted to possession hearings once every three weeks, now they hold one every week," she explained.

    "Where we would help two or three clients every session, we now help five or six."

    The Council of Mortgage Lenders recently insisted that its members view repossession as a last resort and that borrowers with debt problems should contact their lender as soon as they can.

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