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    Rising energy bills could be the "final straw" for mortgage holders who are already finding it hard to meet their monthly repayments, it has been claimed.

    According to the Mirror, it is crucial that homeowners budget to help them meet their mortgage repayments and avoid repossession.

    Other options include lengthening the term of repayment to lower the monthly cost or even switching to an interest-only mortgage.

    However, this tactic will only work if the householder has another way of saving the money to buy their house at the end of the contract, the newspaper added.

    According to homelessness charity Shelter, struggling homeowners who face the threat of repossession should seek advice on their situation as soon as they can.

    It advises: "An adviser may be able to help you to negotiate and avoid the time and expense of going to court.

    "It’s often possible to prevent arrears or disagreements from leading to repossession."

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