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    A single mother has spoken of her trauma when she fell ill and became debt-ridden, leading to attempts to repossess her home.

    Adele Knebel, from Chadderton, told her local newspaper the Oldham Advertiser that her problems began when she became unwell in October, suffering from both arthritis and depression.

    She explained that as the insurance policy refused to pay, she missed two of her monthly payments and ended up owing more than £800.

    However, the mortgage firm responded by adding fees and penalty charges to the amount she owed and she was unable to agree a payment plan, Ms Knebel told the newspaper.

    "I feel very ill over it. I’m not eating or sleeping and I’m constantly in tears. It’s really hard as a single parent but the mortgage company are just not interested," she added.

    Earlier this year, accountancy giant KPMG predicted that repossession figures were likely to get worse before improving.

    It suggested that many people would be forced to take formal steps with their lenders and through the courts in order to manage their debt levels.

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