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    Tonight’s Panorama is to present findings which show seven out of ten homes recently repossessed were owned by sub-prime borrowers.

    The BBC One show will reveal that the market for sub-prime mortgages, which usually have high interest rates as the borrowers are considered riskier, accounts for around eight per cent of the UK market.

    Despite this figure, lenders specialising in such mortgages make up a disproportionate 70 per cent of repossession cases.

    Panorama will cover the case of the Bradley family who were given a 25-year mortgage of £55,000 with an interest rate which is currently more than 11 per cent.

    This was despite the couple and their resident daughter living solely on benefits.

    David Bradbury told the programme he was "at the mercy" of the interest rate: "If it goes up again, I’ll struggle, I’ll try and meet it. But after that if it goes up again I can’t. We’ll just lose the house."

    An extended period of high interest rates has left many borrowers struggling with the cost of their mortgages and other debt.

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