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Are you experiencing problems with credit card debt?

credit card debtThere are more credit cards in the UK than there are people according to APACS and Credit Action statistics tell us that our total credit card debt stood at £61.4 billion as of February 2010.

With 14 million people in Britain using their credit cards for day to day purchases, it’s little wonder that so many Britons have financial problems as a result. For many credit card users, it’s not just a case of paying for the product or service you buy on the credit card, but then of paying interest on the total cost and even potentially incurring additional costs if you miss a payment by mistake.

If you are finding your credit card debt is becoming unaffordable and that you’re struggling to even make the minimum monthly repayment, get in touch today. We can provide confidential advice on a range of options available for dealing with your credit card debts.

What Options Are Available to Help with Credit Card Debt?

Credit card debt is an unsecure debt and can be included in debt solutions such as the Debt Relief Order, Debt Management Plan/Financial Management Programme and IVA.

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