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    Customers are becoming increasingly disgruntled over the fees charged by airlines to use credit and debit cards, a consumer expert has argued.

    Amanda Diamond, news and investigations journalist at Which? Holiday, says people want their airlines to be upfront, as opposed to being stung by charges later in the booking process.

    "In the past, there was a flat credit card fee so people knew what they were paying but that has increased quite substantially recently," she continues.

    The expert claims that airlines such as Ryanair are charging a fee per person, per booking, which she deems to be a "disproportionate charge".

    Britons are needlessly paying out more than £9 billion pounds in credit card interest each year, according to research from Abbey.

    It also suggested that those aged over 55 are most likely to own a credit card (77 per cent), compared to 71 per cent of those aged between 35 and 54.

    Furthermore, only one in five Britons with credit card debt are planning to transfer their outstanding balance over the next few months to take advantage of a zero per cent deal.

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