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    People are still making donations to their favourite charities despite the economic downturn, new research shows.

    The survey from ibuyeco revealed that people may be putting their debt management problems to one side when it comes to being charitable, as one-third give £5 on a monthly basis.

    "We were really pleased to see that charitable donations in the UK have largely remained untouched by the recession," commented Lucy Bailey, head of ibuyeco.

    The findings revealed Wales and the north-east to be the least charitable areas in the UK, while those in west Midlands and the east of England are the most philanthropic.

    Those over the age of 45 are the most charitable age group, ibuyeco revealed, and 53 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds also make regular donations.

    This follows research from the Charities Aid Foundation, which found that 68 per cent of children would be prepared to give up a birthday or Christmas present to charity.

    Furthermore, 86 per cent said everyone should give money to good causes, although 56 per cent of adults donate regularly.

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