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    British adults spend around £93 billion in interest each year but could save as much as £15 billion by consolidating their borrowing, a new report has claimed.

    A study published by online comparison site uSwitch.com has revealed that nearly one in four Britons say they find their debts unmanageable and more than nine million have maxed out a credit source over the last six months.

    It stated that the average home could save £605 over three years by consolidating debt and making a single monthly payment.

    "This could mean the difference between getting by or, for those teetering on the edge, being pushed into insolvency," the report continued.

    Last month, Anne Gunther, chief executive of Standard Life Bank, warned that many Britons, particularly younger adults, see credit as a way to finance luxurious lifestyles.

    She said a change in attitude is necessary if Britain is to escape its "chronic debt issues".

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