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    People who feel their debts are in danger of spiraling out of control need to face up to their financial problems, a company advises.

    Owen Roberts, head of myCallcredit, said that people often leave it too late and try to forget about their bills.

    The company gave the example of a 25-year-old man with £60,000 of debt who sought debt counselling after his mother discovered how much he owed.

    Lee Barnes from Halifax, Yorkshire, had racked up the debt socialising and having fun and had ignored the extent of his problem.

    He has since cut back on his spending and intends to get expert help in sorting out his finances.

    Mr Roberts said: "A lot of people bury their head in the sand when they receive their credit card and bank statements, but facing up to your financial situation early on means that you can tackle your debts before they become overwhelming."

    A recent report by the Scotsman gave a similar example of Glaswegian Alixis Hall, who had shopped her way to a debt of more than £31,000 before she began to tackle soaring credit card payments.

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