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    There are so many debt management companies around now, all established to answer the increased demand for debt advice and solutions. But with so much choice, how do you choose the right debt management company to help you to get out of debt?

    There are certain things you should be looking out for:-

    • Find established debt management companies with plenty of experience. Look for those with testimonials from real people they have helped. Look how long they’ve been doing it for – those who have years of experience are probably better placed to help you than brand new debt management companies.
    • Advice should be free. Debt management companies should be offering accurate advice on the range of solutions available to help you. They shouldn’t be charging for this advice and they certainly shouldn’t be trying to use it to tie you in to taking a product with you. Taking advice from one debt management company does not mean you cannot then take advice or even use the services of another.
    • Who’s in charge? You should always check who runs various debt management companies and take a look at what qualifies them to offer you debt advice!
    • Look into the range of products and solutions they can offer. Debt management companies who have the ability to offer a full range of solutions are often a better move than those who perhaps only offer one or two. This means they can cater for a wider range of circumstances and offer you more choices.

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