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    Tackling debt head-on is one of the most effective ways of clearing financial difficulties.

    Sam Barrett, writing for Moneywise, says those who are in debt are not alone, with the Bank of England predicting that the average adult in the UK owes around £30,435.

    "We have had a 70 per cent increase in the number of people contacting us last year compared with 2007," Beccy Boden Wilks, a spokesperson for National Debtline tells the website.

    He suggests to those who have racked-up thousands of pounds worth of debt that they arrange an individual voluntary arrangement, as this will enable them to pay some of the outstanding debt back to creditors over a five-year period.

    People can also make cuts on their expenditure, with Frances Walker, a spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service telling the website that drawing up a plan can make all the difference.

    "Be realistic about your spending, but also about your income," he reveals.

    Total UK personal debt at the end of February 2009 stood at £1,458 billion, according to Creditaction, with total secured lending on dwellings at the end of February 2009 standing at £1,227 billion.

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