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    A struggling debtor has explained how the mounting cost of her debt has left her family affected and her mortgage unpaid.

    Known only as Mrs M, the troubled borrower wrote to the Scotland on Sunday, explaining that following two months on half pay as a result of sickness, her family is left with only £50 a month for food and other living costs.

    "Also, the credit card companies are chasing me as I have been late with my payments and are saying they will pass the debts on to debt collection agencies and that my credit record will be affected," she continued.

    One company has threatened to seek a court order to arrest her wages, Mrs M added.

    The newspaper suggested Mrs M contact advisers to deal with the debtors if she feels unable to.

    It highlighted that there are options available which allow her to avoid bankruptcy and retain the family home, such as voluntary agreements with creditors.

    According to financial advice charity Credit Action, UK debt grows by £1 million every five minutes.

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