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    Debt problems have been cited as a major contributor to the UK’s mental health concerns in a new report from the charity group Mind, it has emerged.

    According to the organisation, over 90 per cent of the people with "problem debts" felt that their financial woes had exacerbated their mental health issues.

    In addition, for a variety of reasons, people who suffer with mental health problems are almost three times more likely to also be facing debt management difficulties.

    Furthermore, the financial squeeze resulting from the credit crunch and the rising cost of living is making debt-related mental health problems a "real and growing concern", according to Mind.

    "Money worries aren’t just keeping people awake at night; they are causing high levels of stress, depression and in some cases self-harm and suicidal thoughts," said Paul Farmer, Mind’s chief executive.

    Last week, the insurance firm Saga reported that most British consumers are reluctant to talk about their debt problems and avoid doing so even with their family and friends.

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