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    The latest interest rate cut will have an impact on investors as they will be seeing the interest on their accounts dwindling to zero, claims one expert.

    Danny Cox, head of advice at Hargreaves Lansdown, says it will also have an impact on pensioners, who may find they have debt-related concerns.

    "Inflation back means interest rates will rise again but they [savers] are going to have to sit it out in the meantime," he continues.

    Furthermore, the expert believes people need to get the best rate of return possible on their savings in order to weather the economic storm, with people also needing to be as tax-efficient as possible.

    Last week, a study by Birmingham Midshires discovered two out of three people are not making the most of their tax-free savings by failing to use their Isa allowance.

    It discovered 11 per cent of savers are planning on moving money into a cash Isa before the end of the year, although the remainder of savers will miss out on tax-free savings if they do not act fast.

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