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    Those reaching retirement age are generally naive about their prospects, it is claimed, with many failing to pay into a fund.

    Over half of Britons surveyed by the Halifax are not currently saving for their future, while 70 per cent over-estimate what they will receive in their state pension funds.

    "It may be a natural assumption for many to delay saving for retirement when faced with day to day expenses, but it is important that retirement plans do not bear the full brunt of the current economic climate," says Karen Crowshaw, managing director of Halifax Financial Services.

    Of those questioned, many were only willing to save £59 a month towards their pensions, less than half the recommended amount of £150 a month.

    Under the Pensions Act 2008, from 2012 it is planned that all eligible workers, who are not already in a good quality workplace scheme, will be automatically enrolled into either their employers’ pension scheme or a new savings vehicle.

    Furthermore, to encourage participation, employees’ pension contributions will be supplemented by contributions from employers and tax relief.

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