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    More middle-income people are reporting problems with their debt management, it has been suggested.

    Adam Clark, head of Transact, said this is a result of the recession hitting harder, with this particular group often having higher levels of debt than others.

    "As redundancies increase and more households slip into mortgage arrears, we expect to see more people facing debt crises," he revealed.

    He also believes middle-income families tend to have more complex borrowings than other people seeking debt advice.

    The Consumer Credit Counselling Service said in March that people are finding it increasingly difficult to repay their debts, with the problem accredited to rising unemployment and problems in the housing market.

    It also suggested fewer people are in a position to pay their debts, with only 35 per cent able to commit themselves to a debt management plan.

    The highest levels of absolute debt exist within the south of England, figures show, while Scots have the greatest debt in relation to their incomes and those in Northern Ireland are least likely to be able to pay money owed.

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