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    A survey has revealed that over half of the country’s population is not in control of its finances.

    Statistics from the Reader’s Digest showed 59 per cent of the country are considered as "amblers" and do not worry about their finances until they face a problem.

    In addition to this, 12 million Britons are in denial over their financial situation, with some even refusing debt management solutions.

    Commenting on the findings, Harvey Jones, an independent financial expert, said: "Your personality may dictate how you spend or save your money, but sometimes you have to fight against your own worst instincts.

    "Once you have worked out your own money personality, it may be time to embark on a little financial self-improvement."

    The survey also discovered 28 per cent of people are financial evaders and keep minimal savings, which they then use to treat themselves, while 18 per cent admit they like to eat out whenever they feel like it.

    NS&I recently revealed Britons have saved an average of £86.35 each month over the last year, ending on a high of £90.12 during the winter months ending February.

    The average value of people’s total savings was £17,443, it also discovered.

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