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    People are becoming more financially aware and are making more of an attempt to look after their accounts, a survey has found.

    According to NS&I, this is the case for two-thirds of Britons and half of people are also more aware of how much money they hold in their accounts.

    Senior savings strategist at NS&I Dax Harkins said: "Setting aside a few minutes a week is all it takes to review your money situation.

    "From this point you can assess your incomings and outgoings, identify opportunities for savings and make your money work as hard for you as possible."

    However, 36 per cent admitted to only caring a little about their finances and revealed how they are doing just enough to get by.

    In addition to this, 20 per cent believe they have enough money regularly deposited in their account for there to be no need to worry.

    Earlier this month, the July Savings Index from Nationwide improved by two points when compared to the previous month, while the Future Savings Index increased by five points to reach an all-time high.

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