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    Despite house prices increasing a number of times this year, the property market is still very much geared towards buyers, it has been said.

    Sellers are trying not to lose a sale and are therefore doing what they can to attract buyers, revealed Jane Marr, company director at the Little House Company.

    "I think we will now see increased activity until the end of September, then most home buyers become conscious that they will want to move before Christmas," she continued.

    Buyers now expect value for money when it comes to buying a property, Ms Marr suggested, which means sellers have to meet their expectations.

    Hometrack reported on June 29th that the average property cost was £155,600 in June, the same figure as in May and April.

    Prices have fallen by 8.7 per cent in the past year and 4.6 per cent more new buyers registered in June this year than in May.

    Sellers achieved an average of 91 per cent of their asking price in June, compared to 90.3 per cent in May and 89.6 per cent in April, Hometrack added.

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