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    Over-indebtedness can cause ill-health, depression and a financial downward spiral, an expert has commented.

    Health editor of the Western Mail Madeleine Brindley has warned that consumers are "bombarded" with adverts calling on them to buy now and pay later.

    She suggested that over-indebtedness is not necessarily down to bad money management but can strike those on low incomes as a result of high bills or one-off essentials.

    "Those who find themselves facing over-indebtedness often experience adverse affects on their physical and mental health such as depression, low self-esteem, breakdown of relationships, and in exceptional circumstances loss of jobs," warned Ms Brindley.

    A recent survey of debt levels in Britain by Chiltern revealed the amount debtors can afford to repay their creditors has fallen, but the amount they are obliged to pay has remained the same.

    It called upon struggling debtors to seek help managing their creditors through a debt management firm.

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